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My Current and Perpetual Music Alphabet May 21, 2009

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Some of my favorites from A-Z (almost) 

Read from top right to bottom left. 

A is for Austin Gibbs-I was introduced to him during a rad conversation about music. I am addicted, and will possibly shake my ipod in your face with his album playing the next time I see you. 

B is for Brand New-Irresistable musicality, spiritual conflict at times, great songwritting. 

B is (also) for Bright Eyes– ….or Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band. I. love. him.

C is for Coeur de pirate-…I’ve been listening to her for awhile, she’s terrific…even if I have no idea what she’s saying. She fan’s the flame for my micro-obsession with French Pop.

D is for Death Cab for Cutie– The first thing I heard by them was in a music video, which almost always ruins musicians for me. Dont ask me why, it just does. Then I tried again, and we fell in love, hard.

E is for The Early November-…Gag me with a spoon, Ace Enders has a fantastic voice.

F is for The Format-Self. Explanatory. 

G is for The Get Up Kids-The song “I’ll Catch You” is epically delightful. 

H is for The Hush Sound-A complete package with jazzy genre sampling, two lead singers, AND piano. Yeah, go listen to them.

I is for Ingrid Michaelson-her style is peachy, and she’s feircely musical.

J is for Jack’s Mannequin– Andrew McMahon and I are BFF. I love the piano, lyrics…etc.

K is for Kate Nash-She’s upbeat fun summer music, and the best artist I know of that starts with a K barring my secret Kelly Clarkson addiction….uh, yeah.

L is for Limp Bizkit—JUST Kidding, its really for Lydia, Mindy White has an excellent voice, Leighton Antelman has an excellent voice, and the guitarist looks like a blondish Jesus in the right light…or is that just me?

M is for Manchester Orchestra—They touch my heart, and refuse to make a bad record. Annd…the word Orchestra gets my heart fluttering, and makes me want to listen to Gershwin.

N is for NeverShoutNever!—Oh Cris Drew, I love your music, you crystal clear voice, AND your ukele ep. 

O is for Oasis–What can I say, a girl just has to go back to 90s British alt-rock sometimes…right?

P is for Plain White T’s-I love them, or just their two love songs. Theres a blog behind this.

Q is for Queen-Theyre pretty rad when I’m in the right mood. and they start with a Q.

R is for Radiohead-refer to O for my reasoning.

S is for Something Corporate-I miss you so so so much. Konstantine is now and tomorrow my favorite song.

S is (also) for The Scene Aesthetic-I love them for many a reason, especially the way they sing about their women,  with their disarming and honest lyrics. So excited for their EP! Oh yeah, haha I talked to Eric Bowley (short story) on the phone earlier this month explicitly to tell him that, and I was stoked to find out that we happen to love them same music. What a rare happenstance! Good times.

S is (additionally) for Stacy Clark-I love her, she’s different, creative, and I desperately want her to make it. 

T is for This Providence-Three words, “My Beautiful Rescue”

V is for Vedera– I mean how could I not choose them? They’re lovely musicians.

W is for The Who-I mean, how could I not have at least ONE classic on here.


U,X,Y and Z…are missing, and I cheated with B and S. BUT, that doesn’t really matter. 


Love You All!




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