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I am a time traveler May 23, 2009

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It all started with a movie for me. Back to the Future. I’ve spent hours of my life thinking of the convoluted implications of this title. Its time travel. I love it. From about the age of six I’ve wanted to own a Delorean so I could travel time, only recently realizing that not every Delorean is as rad as the one from the movies.
I am terribly fascinated by time travel. Firstly, if time is linear, does that mean that people on the road for example that are physically ahead of me are farther along in real time? I dont know. The fifteen years I’ve been wondering this have produced few legit answers.
As a historian I think I’m prone to wondering these things. We’re all on measurable strands of time, unaware of the end. To make sense of all of it we weave them together into one rope, and call it past, present and future. Whats to stop us from sliding forward or back? The inability of the human mind to create a mechanism to do so. Its good that we’re dumb. Alot of the desire to time travel is a sign of discontentment with the present. We know that running away wont fix anything, unless that “away” really changes the moment at hand. If we go back in time or to the future we will find a better world. Its a desire for heaven. That, however, still does not make the simple idea of time travel any less thrilling. I am a time traveler. I will always be a time traveler.


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