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I’m Meghan and I post things that my quirky 21 year old heart’s into. (This is my blog)

About (This is me…) January 16, 2009

For once I’d like to describe myself knowing that in five years I will not look back and cringe at the person I was. I would like to know I have something that is timeless….Like the Kinks or tang. I do though…the first thing about me is that I LOVE God. I love him, so much. I love His son, I love His spirt. Thats the only thing that’s really timeless about me. He is the only thing that’s steady in this world. and I love it. I love that when I look back five years from now, He will be the same God I know Him to be at that moment, and simotaneously I will know Him better. I love that I dont have to worry about five years from now, or five seconds from now. because everything will pass away, and new things will come. wow…how amazing will heaven be? 

Other things that you should know about me:

I love who I am. 

I love ice cream, and anything indie, not because its indie, and thats cool. Trust me. In Jersey its not. 

I cannot stand top 40…usually. 

I’ve never truely gotten butterflies in my stomach and that worries me.

I almost got arrested once for breaking and entering.

When I call my mom at work sometimes  they think its my five year old sister.

I’m pretty quiet and laid back, and value deep conversation. I can get into one with almost anyone if the time is right.

I don’t ever want a day to go by without at least one good song.

I love firsts, no matter what it is. They excite me thouroughly.

I enjoy a good concert.

I love daydreaming. 

maybe I’ll add to this list later.





One Response to “About (This is me…)”

  1. a1chemist Says:

    i love this list. i especially loved, “When I call my mom at work sometimes they think its my five year old sister.” haha.

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