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Jane Austin would (not) be proud May 16, 2009

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This makes me want to cry

This makes me want to cry

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is a perverse rendition of a great novel. This one opens up with the gut wrenching line “It is a truth universally acknowledged that a zombie in possession of brains must be in want of more brains.”
NO! Unacceptable.


All you need to know is it has to do with dinosaurs

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Every terrific night starts with Dunkin Donuts
Every terrific night starts with Dunkin Donuts




Protected: Loosing sleep with CS Lewis.

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My first night home with my sister May 15, 2009

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Our heart was made to be home, and we are made to share it with someone. May 14, 2009

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As I refold my life again, I wonder how another 9 months has passed. Moving is nothing I’m not used to. I spent 12 years of my life unpacking and packing with the promise this would end someday. But still I find myself inserting and prying pins with all-to-dull points in and out of concrete walls. Walls laden with pictures of things that make who up who I am. It seems empty and void of meaning sometimes. If pictures “only prove you cant convince” than I am unable to convince anyone I have a heart. because these dreams, this art, these people are so much of who I’ve come to be. Its funny how Ive spent so many nights in my bed wondering who I really am only to find it hammered and taped next to me. and so my identity is hitting me when I least expect it. an answer to months of prayer.

After all this is said and done, I struggle between envying people who live out of suitcases and those that have lived in the same house their entire life. While occupying two polar opposites, I feel like they have their lives together, and I am perpetually having to fake the appearance of a well established life. I’d like some sense of permanency, but the objects really weight a girl down, and become the definition of her life. I dont want that. Its odd to have a life made to be permanent but move in and out of so many temporary spaces. Then again, there are never any guarantees. Love is the only gaurantee we have in this world, if we choose to accept it. We can make perminancy within our hearts with connections that transcend the places we call home. Our heart was made to be home, and we are made to share it with somone. As for me, I’m trying to clean up for whoever calls it home, and its been going very well.

I know I will switch spaces a million times in my life, and I’m thankful to have roofs over my head. If I plunge in, if I move out in august. I will have a life full of goods in the backseat of my neon, and a semester left of school. So much seems uncertain these days. One things for sure, I have all my life left to live.



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 ” I check out people on my planes to compare us to the cast of LOST.”….post secret tweet. 

Im not gonna lie, I totally have no idea what LOST is about. The only thing I know is that its about a plain and an island, and that people love it. This tweet really says it all. Oh, if we could only look like boxy lego toys. 

I’m not gonna lie, I’m not even going to pretend to be a lost fan…I dont theorize like I did with Alias. I totally get  the fascination though with listening to my friends discuss it. The only thing I know is that its about a plane and an island on which people are lost, and that people love it…a lot. This tweet really says it all. Oh, if we could only look like boxy lego toys.



 How I love Postsecret.


Bright Mystic Valley Band May 12, 2009

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Bright Eyes and Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band. Two clearly distinct entities. I think they could both be equally as enjoyable to Oberst fans. For his past couple albums he seems REALLY unsure of himself, and as a result, the music hasn’t been terrific. Don’t hate on me, Cassadega-a  Bright Eyes fan fave, was a good album, but I’m Wide Awake, Its Morning is even better. Why? “The first day of my life”, “Road to Joy”, “We Are Nowhere, and Its Now”, “Lua”…etc..Need I say more? (certainly better than Digital Ash in a Digital Urn…but lets not go there)

I feel the same vunerable creativity on Outer South  as I do with I’m Wide Awake, Its Morning. There are analogous sounds, but altogether  its completely different. It pushes the feeling of Travelin Song into an epic 16 song record, and does it sucessfully (words I rarely ever say with such long records). 

Which one do I like more though?  Which one do you like more?



Just like the tootsie roll question…the world may never know….