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(I’m Ready) April 16, 2009

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Walking back in my life several years gives you background to one of the most unusual relationships in my life. Never before have I met this individual, but I feel I know him pretty well, and the sound of his voice after a long while gives me a warm smile, like that of an old friend. I dont mean this in a stalker sense, I dont know alot about him, I dont spend hours on line memorizing his steps across the continent. but I feel I know him. He’s poured out his soul to me countless times through my ipod, each time giving me a new idea of what its like to know him, to be around him, to be him. Andrew McMahon and I grew up together through his music and have become inseperable. My recovery would have been boring minus the vunerable voice of such a familiar friend coaching me back to life. Its a relationship. His music is apart of me, he is somehow apart of me. This is music, this is poetry, this is my life.