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My Current and Perpetual Music Alphabet May 21, 2009

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Some of my favorites from A-Z (almost) 

Read from top right to bottom left. 

A is for Austin Gibbs-I was introduced to him during a rad conversation about music. I am addicted, and will possibly shake my ipod in your face with his album playing the next time I see you. 

B is for Brand New-Irresistable musicality, spiritual conflict at times, great songwritting. 

B is (also) for Bright Eyes– ….or Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band. I. love. him.

C is for Coeur de pirate-…I’ve been listening to her for awhile, she’s terrific…even if I have no idea what she’s saying. She fan’s the flame for my micro-obsession with French Pop.

D is for Death Cab for Cutie– The first thing I heard by them was in a music video, which almost always ruins musicians for me. Dont ask me why, it just does. Then I tried again, and we fell in love, hard.

E is for The Early November-…Gag me with a spoon, Ace Enders has a fantastic voice.

F is for The Format-Self. Explanatory. 

G is for The Get Up Kids-The song “I’ll Catch You” is epically delightful. 

H is for The Hush Sound-A complete package with jazzy genre sampling, two lead singers, AND piano. Yeah, go listen to them.

I is for Ingrid Michaelson-her style is peachy, and she’s feircely musical.

J is for Jack’s Mannequin– Andrew McMahon and I are BFF. I love the piano, lyrics…etc.

K is for Kate Nash-She’s upbeat fun summer music, and the best artist I know of that starts with a K barring my secret Kelly Clarkson addiction….uh, yeah.

L is for Limp Bizkit—JUST Kidding, its really for Lydia, Mindy White has an excellent voice, Leighton Antelman has an excellent voice, and the guitarist looks like a blondish Jesus in the right light…or is that just me?

M is for Manchester Orchestra—They touch my heart, and refuse to make a bad record. Annd…the word Orchestra gets my heart fluttering, and makes me want to listen to Gershwin.

N is for NeverShoutNever!—Oh Cris Drew, I love your music, you crystal clear voice, AND your ukele ep. 

O is for Oasis–What can I say, a girl just has to go back to 90s British alt-rock sometimes…right?

P is for Plain White T’s-I love them, or just their two love songs. Theres a blog behind this.

Q is for Queen-Theyre pretty rad when I’m in the right mood. and they start with a Q.

R is for Radiohead-refer to O for my reasoning.

S is for Something Corporate-I miss you so so so much. Konstantine is now and tomorrow my favorite song.

S is (also) for The Scene Aesthetic-I love them for many a reason, especially the way they sing about their women,  with their disarming and honest lyrics. So excited for their EP! Oh yeah, haha I talked to Eric Bowley (short story) on the phone earlier this month explicitly to tell him that, and I was stoked to find out that we happen to love them same music. What a rare happenstance! Good times.

S is (additionally) for Stacy Clark-I love her, she’s different, creative, and I desperately want her to make it. 

T is for This Providence-Three words, “My Beautiful Rescue”

V is for Vedera– I mean how could I not choose them? They’re lovely musicians.

W is for The Who-I mean, how could I not have at least ONE classic on here.


U,X,Y and Z…are missing, and I cheated with B and S. BUT, that doesn’t really matter. 


Love You All!




(I’m Ready) April 16, 2009

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Walking back in my life several years gives you background to one of the most unusual relationships in my life. Never before have I met this individual, but I feel I know him pretty well, and the sound of his voice after a long while gives me a warm smile, like that of an old friend. I dont mean this in a stalker sense, I dont know alot about him, I dont spend hours on line memorizing his steps across the continent. but I feel I know him. He’s poured out his soul to me countless times through my ipod, each time giving me a new idea of what its like to know him, to be around him, to be him. Andrew McMahon and I grew up together through his music and have become inseperable. My recovery would have been boring minus the vunerable voice of such a familiar friend coaching me back to life. Its a relationship. His music is apart of me, he is somehow apart of me. This is music, this is poetry, this is my life.            


Two female musicians I adore. February 27, 2009

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I’ve had this thing lately for french pop, its sensational. As a person who habitually listens to lyrics it disarms my mind. Coeur de pirate is amazing. I love her voice. and I love the classical intonations to it. I’ve always dreamed of going to the symphony. It would be the perfect date.

Anyway, Stacy Clark is rad too, not just because she’s an upstater. She has a cool vibe about her and an incredible voice that I first recognized on “The Glass Passanger”-she sings the backup for Andrew McMahon on “spinning” as well as few other tracks. I think you should listen…now.

Coeur de Pirate. Brilliant, classical, awesome.


                                                                                                         Coeur de pirate (above)

                                                                                                          Stacy Clark (not above)


Stacy Clark. I think she has a huge amount of talent.